Skills training is not enough for the digital journalist

Does every journalist need to become skilled at Flash, Photoshop, Pro Tools and Final Cut Pro to succeed in a Web 3.0 world?

Not necessarily, says Nikki Usher at the Knight Digital Media Center. She argues, quite persuasively, that multimedia skills training for every journalist isn’t the final answer to journalism’s problems. Instead of pushing every journalist through skills training, she argues that a broader understanding of what multimedia journalism can do is more in order.

I agree with that assessment, simply because not everyone is equally talented in all areas. Yes, we all need to know a little about a lot these days. But to pretend that everyone in every newsroom across the country will produce documentaries like Ken Burns, write like Anne Hull, mix music like Timbaland and shoot photos like Tim Hetherington is simply delusional.

Still – still – we all need to think more broadly about what we do, about the new tools to create and communicate. We need to open our minds.


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