Review: Cakewalk’s Pyro Audio Creator


Many of us judge CD burning software with a very simple question: Does it burn CDs?

I was firmly in that camp. So I found no compelling reason to update my ancient (in computer years) Cakewalk Mediaworks software. It simply worked. And that was enough for me.

But when I tried Cakewalk’s latest CD burning product, my eyes were opened.

Make no mistake: Pyro Audio Creator definitely burns CDs – quickly and flawlessly, in my tests. But it does so much more.

Need to make some last-minute edits to your audio? Audio Creator has you covered, with its included audio editor. I found it extremely handy when I realized I had some extra silence at the end of a couple files. Instead of waiting for my audio editing software to open, I simply opened the file in Audio Creator’s editor. With a couple clicks, viola — the silence was gone.

Naturally, the software also includes a CD ripper, a very intuitive file encoder (for quickly changing formats). It even offers a publishing tool, which helps you get your work onto a web site, and a tagger, which allows you to embed file info before, say, sending your creation to iTunes.

Audio Creator’s interface is quite elegant and efficient, floating in two parts on your screen, allowing you to see your other programs’ windows. And at about 40 bucks, this software is a no-brainer.

Cakewalk, you’ve come a long way since Mediaworks. Count me in!


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