Big Beatles news: digital remastered CDs

I’ve just received the announcement millions of Beatles fans have been waiting for: the entire back catalog has been remastered. The CDs will be released Sept. 9 — the date the Beatles Rock Band game is released.  Plus, every song the Beatles released in mono will be re-released, meaning that many of us will hear classics like “Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band” as they were originally intended to be heard. Beatles’ engineer Geoff Emerick told me in 2007 that he spent much more time on the mono mixes of most songs, since that was the predominant format up until the late 1960s — Sgt. Pepper included.

Here’s a link to the official news release for all the details.


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6 Responses to “Big Beatles news: digital remastered CDs”

  1. sfchapman Says:

    This is great news – something I have been looking forward to for SO many years!

  2. Desiree Says:

    Very cool news! Now I’m glad I never bought all the CD releases in the ’80s! (I have almost all the albums on vinyl, even Vee-Jay’s “Introducing… The Beatles” and “The Beatles’ Story” documentary album.) I’ll be saving up for this box set.

    This interested me from the official news release: “..newly produced mini-documentaries on the making of each album, directed by Bob Smeaton, are included as QuickTime files on each album.” QuickTime format? I wonder if the mini-documentaries will be able to be ripped onto iTunes and iPod?

    I would like those films on my iPod!

  3. Pope George Ringo Says:

    Well PRAISE CTHULHU! I’ve been waiting for this since half past forever. I recently got the Judas Priest remasters and the improvement over ’80s sound tech is astounding; so I expect that the contrast with ’60s audio engineering will be even greater.

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  5. life of the beatles Says:

    Great news for sure.

  6. Remastered Beatles box sets: First look « MusicForMedia: Creating music for a multimedia world Says:

    […] a sneak peek, courtesy of Steve Marinucci, at the Beatles’ box sets to be released Sept. 9. As I’ve previously written, these will be the first official remastering of most of the Beatles’ work on CD, and the […]

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