MediaStorm’s tips for better multimedia

Many of you are familiar with the stellar work of MediaStorm, Brian Storm’s multimedia production house. They are responsible for some of the world’s best multimedia work. In MediaStorm’s blog, Eric Maierson has posted some excellent tips on improving your video and multimedia work.

Here’s what Eric had to say about music and audio:

Work with your music. Allow your images to flow dynamically with the changes in your music. Cut on the beat. Cut against the beat. End your piece with the final sting of the music. Edit the music, cut it up, and make it an integral part of your project, not just background noise. See the funeral section of BLOODLINE.

Use music dynamically. Increase the volume during an image sequence; decrease during an interview. Your music should be thematic just as your photographs are. See Kingsley’s Crossing fro an example of how music weaves in an out of an interview.

Use one-second dissolves to smooth rough audio. It’s startling to hear how a one-second dissolve can save a clip that would otherwise end abruptly.

Use room tone between gaps in dialogue, even when using a musical bed. Without room tone, your audio will sound like someone dipping in and out of a cave.


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