New studio construction has begun!

One very fun thing about being a recording geek is all the stuff you get to learn. Well  it’s finally time to build a new recording and mixing space for Getting Better Recording, my humble home-based studio. And since the last time I successfully built something with my hands was in junior high shop class, I have been learning about such alien concepts as drywall, concrete filler and insulation.

To be sure,  I’m just adding a room in my basement, not building a standalone structure. And I’m using experts for crucial parts of the job, such as framing the walls and ceiling and installing the electrical components. But I don’t have the money to have the thing completely built by professionals. So there I was this past weekend, stuffing insulation between the joists supporting the subfloor above, and in between the wall studs.

I’ll expound on my design goals in the next post, for for now, here are a few pics:

This will be the front wall.

This will be the front wall.

I'm also putting insulation between the wall studs.

I'm putting insulation between the wall studs...

Plenty of ceiling insulation…

Plenty of ceiling insulation...


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