New version of PolitiFact theme song

It was nearly two years ago now that the folks at the St. Petersburg Times/ asked me to write a song for a then-top-secret project called PolitiFact. (The wonderful political-fact-checking website, brainchild of Bill Adair and Matt Waite, went on to win a Pulitzer Prize this year.)

I thought a natural theme would be “Gimme The Truth,” which became the first part of the chorus and the song’s name.  We even did a video, produced by Adrian Phillips, that you can see here:

After last fall’s election season ended, Bill asked me to revise the lyrics for a more general, government-watchdog feel. I did so, and my friend Eric Deggans and other Florida-based musicians re-recorded the song. You can listen and dowload it here.

Here are the new lyrics:

Gimme the Truth 2

I need to know just what is meant
By the folks in government
Won’t you tell me what to believe
When I hear them telling me:

“I am the best, I am so great”
Show me how they really rate
Cause I need to know who is a hack
Won’t you tell me PolitiFact?

Gimme the Truth
Show me who lies
Cause you can see it in my eyes
I need some proof
To help me divine facts that are hidden from sunshine

Gimme The Truth (3X)


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