UPDATED: New Beatles Rockband game’s look revealed here!

The Ed Sullivan scene in Beatles Rockband

The Ed Sullivan scene in Beatles Rockband

This is the first official peek at what the Beatles edition of the new Rockband game will look like, in the form of a preview video. From this brief snippet, I give it pretty high marks for realism. I *love* walking down the steps to the Cavern, as well as the slight breeze blowing on the Apple rooftop during “Get Back.” The instruments seem accurate – Rickenbacker, Gretch and Epiphone Casino guitars are in abundance. A quibble: Their hands don’t seem to be making the right chord shapes. But then again, you don’t do that in Rockband either!

Which brings up a point: Why care about some silly video game? I think the short answer is this will introduce millions of younger folks to the Beatles’ music. Over on a blog devoted to video games, I just saw this comment:

I was never much of a Beatles fan but after watching this trailer I definately had to look them up on Youtube. Damn Their songs are amazing. I missed out on a great band. I’m a fan now.

THAT’s why the impending 09/09/09 release of the Beatles’ version of the Rockband game is a big deal.

More about today’s official announcement, attended by Paul and Ringo among others, here.

UPATE:  For you true Beatlemaniacs, visit the press area of the game’s website for lots more info.

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