Ringo to record with McCartney, Dylan

Paul and Ringo

Paul and Ringo

This just keeps getting better all the time…. You might recall I linked to reports that Paul McCartney and Bob Dylan were talking about recording together.

Apparently they have set aside time this summer — and Ringo is going to join them! Already this has the potential to rival the Traveling Wilburys and other supergroups. Paul has done some of his best work with strong collaborators even after his partnership with John ended — does anyone remember “Veronica” and “My Brave Face” from his sessions with Elvis Costello? His recent “Electric Arguments” project with producer Flood also demonstrates this.

Dylan, his rather laid back recent output aside, might provide the edge that tempers Paul’s optimism. But before you castigate Paul for being too sunny, please remember that this is the guy who wrote “Helter Skelter,” “Why Don’t We Do It In The Road” and, more recently, the excellent rocker “Only Mama Knows.”


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    […] so fast…. earlier I reposted some reports suggesting Paul McCartney, Bob Dylan and Ringo Starr would record together. Now comes this report in The Daily Telegraph (via digitalspy.com) quoting McCartney as saying of […]

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