Song for a rainy day…

Photo by Tim Samoff

Photo by Tim Samoff

SERENDIPITY (rough mix) by Christopher Ave

UPDATE: This song has been remixed and remastered and is available for purchase on iTunes and Amazon.

It’s raining in St. Louis…. rained yesterday, rained last night, raining now, probably will rain tomorrow.

I thought today I’d post one of my songs inspired by rains and floods. It’s called “Serendipity.” I was trying to say something about how often, what seems like a disaster can actually be a blessing. The song is still a bit rough, but I hope you enjoy it!

EDIT: Check out this list of rainy day songs over at Relentless Earworms. And thanks Tim Samoff for use of the lovely photo – yes, it was shot on the Arch grounds on a rainy day.


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  1. Second song on iTunes, Amazon: Serendipity « MusicForMedia: Creating music for a multimedia world Says:

    […] bad things — even a disaster — can actually work out for the good. As I explained in this blog post earlier this year, I wrote the lyrics after some particularly bad flooding in the St. Louis area last […]

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