Advanced digital storytelling: Music is a big part of it


Here’s a post from Deborah Potter on Advancing the Story about the innovative online journalism being conducted by a partnership between Fortune magazine and the online mag Flyp Media, which recently published a lively interactive piece on the Bernie Madoff scheme.

This will ruffle feathers of those who still fear use of music in nonfiction platforms like journalism. But I think refusing to use tools like music that engage the viewer is a shortsighted strategy. As journalists compete in an ever-crowded Internet for viewer/listener attention, we need to utilize every tool at our disposal, so long as we use it ethically. And we need to follow the example set by Flyp, which is to treat every online story as its own piece, rather than a dressing-up of a print story.


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One Response to “Advanced digital storytelling: Music is a big part of it”

  1. Desiree Says:

    What great design, music, video graphics and illustrations on Flyp Media’s Bernie Madoff story! Thanks for sharing.

    For some reason it reminded me of this audio slideshow by the Toronto Star on the Conrad Black trial.

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