Jeff Lynne to complete George Harrison’s unfinished tracks


Here’s a report confirming that ELO founder/producer/Wilbury Jeff Lynne will finish some tracks that George Harrison started and never completed before his death. Harrison’s widow, Olivia, said in a recent interview that there are many unfinished tracks, and that she would seek help to finish them off.

Harrison’s music, of course, was treated to a career retrospective released this week, “Let it Roll.” I just received a copy and I will be sharing my impressions soon.

Jeff Lynne is an obvious choice. He was a true friend of Harrison’s, and he produced the two “Threatles” songs in the 1990s that were released on Anthology: Free as a Bird and Real Love.

Also, Lynne used admirable restraint in producing Harrison’s posthumous release, 2002’s “Brainwashed.” He did not insist on the prototypical ELO/Lynne drum sound, nor did he ladle on excess strings or synths.

Still, I sure hope he asks Paul and Ringo to play on at least some of the tracks. That would be fitting, wouldn’t it?


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4 Responses to “Jeff Lynne to complete George Harrison’s unfinished tracks”

  1. ourboy Says:

    I like this. I think Lynne does a pretty good job as a producer, but one thing I’ve HATED about his work, especially with George, is their repeated use of Jim Keltner on drums. He plays the same slow, boring beat on every single song. It’s plain awful.

    Please Jeff, if you’re reading this, get a more interesting drummer for this album/set.

  2. mike Says:

    I liked ELO. “Don’t Bring Me Down” is one of my favorite songs. I own “The Bery Best of Electric Light Orchestra” album.

  3. ourboy Says:

    ELO’s fine and I like Jeff Lynne, too.

  4. scott Says:

    As awesome as “Don’t Bring Me Down” is, that is the one track that has been played on the radio over and over and sadly if this is your favorite and you only own “the best of” album, then you are sadly lacking in ELO knowledge. You are also missing out on there large volume of work!

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