The hypothetical, post-breakup Beatles album

john 1970george 1970

paul 1970 ringo 1970

Here’s one person’s take on what the next Beatles’ album would have been had the group not broken up in 1970, courtesy David L. Ulin via the UTNE reader website. Ulin’s track list for the hyothetical post-breakup album, which he calls Too Many People:


Imagine (John)
Crippled Inside (John)
It Don’t Come Easy (Ringo, cowritten with George)
Teddy Boy (Paul)
All Things Must Pass (George)
Another Day (Paul)


Too Many People (Paul)
Jealous Guy (John)
Gimme Some Truth (John)
Awaiting on You All (George)

Uncle Albert/Admiral Halsey (Paul)

Monkberry Moon Delight (Paul)

Ulin also comes up with three other post-Beatles Beatles albums.

Like Ulin, it’s a question I and some friends (notably composer/performer John T. McMullan of The Trend) have traded ideas on for many years. Of course, it’s impossible to really know what they would have come up with had they stayed together, as the Beatles influenced each other as they made their albums — even when they were quarrelling, as on the White Album and, most notoriously, Let it Be.

Thanks to Desiree Perry for pointing Ulin’s game out to me!


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