T-RackS plug-in special

T-RackS 3 Deluxe

For those of you who record audio, I wanted to draw attention to a promotion going on right now by IK Multimedia. The Italy-based software company produces a number of high-quality audio programs, including T-RackS, their audio mastering suite.

Right now, if you purchase one of T-RackS nine individual programs, you get four free. And if enough people participate, you can pick five or more! The promotion lasts through August; see details right here.

I’ve been using one of the T-RackS programs, the Vintage Tube Compressor/Limiter 670, and I’ve been really impressed. The program is modeled on the legendary Fairchild 670, the stereo version of the Fairchild used on so many Beatles records to fatten and sharpen vocal and drum tracks. Beatles balance engineer Geoff Emerick, who pioneered the use of the Fairchild on Beatles tracks for the group’s Revolver album, has called it the “sound of the Beatles.”

I’ve never used the real thing (which can cost more than $25,000 now!) but the T-RackS version definitely adds some guts to my sound.  Highly recommended!


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