Professional bass traps at a bargain price


If you’ve done much reading about treating your recording room for sound absorption, you know the importance of bass traps. In short, they capture some of the low- and medium-frequency reflections from speakers, instruments and voices, so you can hear and record accurately. While I have been building my own bass traps, I have heard from many people that the traps built by musician and audio expert Ethan Winer’s RealTraps company are second to none.

Now, RealTraps has announced a new, inexpensive line of bass traps that you can read about here. Though I haven’t used them, I am convinced by many online interactions with Ethan that these will do exactly what he says they will do.

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2 Responses to “Professional bass traps at a bargain price”

  1. Bob @ Finished Basements Yorkville Says:

    How did those base traps work for you? I’ve been interested in trying something like that.

  2. Christopher Ave Says:

    Bob, they actually work very well, even in a small space. Very cost-effective if you don’t mind a little physical labor!

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