How much do you edit a song to fit the visuals?

If you’ve ever composed for a movie or video, you’ve found the natural tension between being true to the song and serving the needs of the visuals. How do you handle that tension? How far do you go to customize your art to fit into the movie or video art?

It turns out that’s a question recently faced by none other than Paul McCartney. Paul composed a ballad, “(I Want To) Come Home,” for the new movie “Everybody’s Fine,” directed by Kirk Jones.

As reported by the AP and repeated by the blog, Jones made some “editing suggestions” on Paul’s first draft of the song. The Beatles legend followed some, but not all of them.

Makes you feel a little better about cutting that guitar solo on your masterpiece to suit the visuals, doesn’t it?

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2 Responses to “How much do you edit a song to fit the visuals?”

  1. Inna Says:

    Sometimes less is more.

  2. Derek Dunn Says:

    I have been very Lucky to see Paul McCartney Live in Liverpool.
    He was so good. The best Live performance I have ever seen.

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