Idol moment: Pants On The Ground

First memorable American Idol moment from the new season, courtesy of 62-year-old Gen. Larry Platt: Pants On The Ground. Love it!

EDIT: He’s gonna be on The View Monday. What a country!


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5 Responses to “Idol moment: Pants On The Ground”

  1. Desiree Perry Says:

    And the “The Christian Science Monitor” has a story on him today:

    ‘Pants on the Ground’: a scolding for young’uns on ‘American Idol’
    Beaten by law officers during the 1965 “Bloody Sunday” march in Alabama, Mr. Platt was nicknamed “General” by Atlanta civil rights icon Hosea Williams for his heroic role in the civil rights era. These days, Platt is going at it alone, protesting that too-stubborn urban fashion statement: pants worn low, crotch almost at the knees – a sign, to many, of disrespect and a thumb in the eye to many civil rights activists like Platt who fought to raise the profile of black Americans in US society.

  2. Christopher Ave Says:

    Wow! Thanks Desiree. I had no idea of Platt’s background, or the genesis of his title. Fascinating!

  3. Desiree Perry Says:

    I wondered why “The Christian Science Monitor” had a story on the curmudgeonly but cute old character from idol. After reading it, I liked his fun segment all the more.

  4. TV News Says:

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  5. Christopher Ave Says:

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