Deborah Pardes covers U2’s “One” for Haiti

Deborah Pardes is a fantastic singer/songwriter who writes an interesting blog here. She has recently recorded a stunning, plaintive version of U2’s “One,” accompanied only by her own ukulele. You can hear it above or at her site. She writes:

It’s a been less than a week since Haiti shook. The same week that I sang U2’s One for a show whose theme was One. What does it mean to claim unity and yet not really feel and act in unison? What’s the use?

I’m watching business as usual. The insanity of me sitting here recording in the cloak of safety…four walls and some running water. When did we say it was OK to be OK when others are not? What part of our evolution gave us the logic to believe that? If I ran to Haiti now to just hold somebody crying I’d be stopped – for lots of logistical reasons. But that doesn’t mean the holding wasn’t needed. It just means that my giving it there is not possible. So I give it…here. Hoping that singing fills the sky with something softer than falling concrete and crying voices.

Thanks Deborah for sharing your talent in this incredibly worthy cause.


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One Response to “Deborah Pardes covers U2’s “One” for Haiti”

  1. deborahpardes Says:

    thank you so much Christopher…

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