“How Great Thou Art” amid tragedy

The Lutheran Church–Missouri Synod is among many denominations bringing aide to Haiti. On a just-concluded assessment trip, a team from the Kirkwood, Mo.-based church visited a gathering of refugees in Jacmel, a few hours outside Port-Au-Prince.

The refugees — many grieving the loss of loved ones, friends and homes — began singing the classic Christian hymn “How Great Thou Art.” Here is their rendition, in French, accompanying images of devastation recorded by the church team in an audio slideshow. Though I don’t understand French, I can’t remember hearing a more moving version.

The video was put together by Rudy Blank of LCMS World Mission. He used photos shot by James Neuendorf, a member of the LCMS assessment team and also of LCMS World Mission.

Disclosure: My wife, Melanie Ave, is public relations coordinator for the LCMS.


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One Response to ““How Great Thou Art” amid tragedy”

  1. Vicki Biggs Says:

    Hi Chris,

    Thank you for posting this. The music and singing is beautiful. Like many others, I am so moved that many Haitians, while suffering unlike anything I can imagine, can find it in their hearts to be joyful right now. Faith is a powerful thing indeed.

    Take care,

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