A song for fathers and daughters


Here’s a song I wrote for my almost-6-year-old daughter Sophia. I’m posting it today because tonight is our father-daughter dance, an event she’s been talking about for, oh, about the past 364 days since last year’s dance.

I wrote and recorded this in 2008, during a period in which I was living in the St. Louis area and my wife and two younger children were still in Florida. I was alone, and missing my family — and especially¬† my little girl. You can hear some of that in my voice. In fact, by the end I was all choked up!

Tonight the DJ is supposed to play this song for us and for the other fathers and daughters. I hope we all savor the moment. They go by too quickly.


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5 Responses to “A song for fathers and daughters”

  1. doug moore Says:

    very sweet. and perfect for the dance.

  2. Vicki Biggs Says:

    What a beautiful song, Chris. And what a great voice you have! This brings back memories of my girls, particularly the line about being hugged so tight when you get home from work. I hadn’t thought about that for awhile. Our girls are now 17 and 15, and it’s been a while since they’ve run to meet me at the door when I get home, but they used to!

    Thanks for sharing this song. I hope you and Sofia had a lovely dance to it this past weekend.


  3. Christopher Ave Says:

    Thanks guys! She did love the dance – and I will try to post some photos on Facebook tonight….

  4. Larry Howe Says:

    Sir – I can only wish for as much LOVE in my heart as you have shown through your song. My Daughter’s wedding is very soon and I will deffinately be using your song to express my love for her during OUR dance.
    I thank You


  5. Christopher Ave Says:


    Thanks for the kind words, and best wishes on your daughter’s wedding. I hope she enjoys the song!


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