The Sandpit: awesome images, captivating music

A day in the life of New York City, in miniature.

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more about “The Sandpit“, posted with vodpod

This incredible film by director Sam O’Hare was done with 35,000 still photos – that’s right, 35,000 images. I was particularly impressed by the music, written by Rosi Golan and Alex Wong of the music design firm Human. The piece was composed and produced specifically for this project. Note its changes in texture, reflecting perfectly the rhythms of New York City.

Here’s what O’Hare had to say about the music:

“Towards the end of the process I approached Human to provide music for the piece, and they very generously donated their time to produce a beautiful sound track for the film. It captures the feel of the film beautifully. I wanted the track to speak to what it is like to experience the many rhythms, pulses and moods of the city and the composition, especially the peak, does this beautifully. The vocals add narrative and pacing to the piece, and really help draw you through it.”

There’s lots more info about how O’Hare created this project here.

Thanks Desiree Perry for pointing this out. Enjoy!


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One Response to “The Sandpit: awesome images, captivating music”

  1. Tawney Pippon Says:

    Look at the latest project. The music on the latest Sam O’Hare project is AMAZING. Another Hibernian named Matthew O’Malley created the entire piece.

    Go to Vimeo, Sam O’Hare…. click on Coachacella.

    You will be amazed !!!!!!!!!!

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