Words and music — they are Christopher Ave’s passions. As a career journalist and lifelong musician, Christopher has spent countless hours telling stories with sound as well as text. Along the way, he has played in various bands, performed in clubs, coffee houses and corporate gatherings and written and recorded dozens of pieces of music for numerous clients. Now he creates a wide variety of custom, royalty-free music for interactive websites, video projects and business customers. In his blog, Christopher writes on creating and using music in various media, including online and video platforms. Come join the fun!

2 Responses to “About”

  1. Gina Chen Says:

    Cool blog!

    I’m glad to find out about it. I’ll be checking regularly.

    Take care.

    — Gina Chen

  2. adamwestbrook Says:

    Hi Chris
    Really like the blog and the way you look at how music should be used more effectively in multimedia.
    I’m a multimedia journalist myself and love using music for effect.

    I’m putting together a series of articles on my blog with different perspectives on journalism – would you be interested in writing a guest post? Contact me via my blog and I’ll tell you more.


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