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STUDIO SECRET REVEALED: How to improve your sound

October 25, 2010

Craig Anderton is an institution in the studio music world as an author, blogger, performer, designer and all-around nice guy.

Today I wanted to share a simple insight from Craig that I saw over on a forum he moderates over at Harmony Central, “Craig Anderton’s Sound, Studio and Stage.”

It’s this:

“The cheapest, quickest, and most effective way to improve the sound of your studio is to write a better chorus.” -Craig Anderton

What a marvelous way of saying that in the end — after you’ve updated your software and mortgaged the house to get the latest tube preamp and that pristine 1957 Strat — what counts most is whether you have a good song in the first place.

So thanks, Craig, from one more composer-performer-engineer guy who needed to hear that it’s about the music, and the performance, much more than it is about the tools.


Quick – and cheap -tips for better recording

September 24, 2009

Here’s a solid list of recording tips from Craig Anderton, noted author, recordist and all-around good guy who has some cool ideas about how to get the most out of your recordings.

Tech tip: Fighting noise in your recordings

March 19, 2009

You’ve got it – that perfect track of audio. Perhaps the interview went exceedingly well; the source waxed poetic. Or maybe you captured the tightest take of a rock band. Or you recorded just the ambient sound you needed for your multimedia project.

But when you listen to the track, your heart sinks. Noise clouds the sonic picture.

What now?

A commercial website that sells musical instruments called Musician’s Friend has posted a really good tutorial by Craig Anderton on minimizing unwanted noise on your audio tracks. Check it out — but I’ll leave you with a warning. Once distortion or other noise is embedded on a track, it’s impossible to remove completely. So take care during recording, using my previously offered tips among others – don’t count on “fixing it in the mix”!