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EMI as the Fool On The Hill?

May 18, 2010

Here is an interesting rant on TechCrunch about the ongoing Apple Corps/Apple/EMI/Beatles scrum that has, so far at least, prevented the Beatles from selling their music on iTunes, or any other digital seller, for that matter.

Thanks to Kurt Greenbaum for pointing this out to me.

Four golden rules of mixing…..

January 22, 2010

…are here, courtesy of the Podcomplex blog. Click the link, but this is the list:

1. There are no golden rules of mixing
2. Get good monitors (and, I might add, treat your room!)
3. High-pass everything
4. Always cut before you boost

10 tips on how to record voice

December 14, 2009 has shared a list of 10 things you should know about recording vocals.

Although this list is focused on musical vocals, a lot of it still applies to voiceover recording. Enjoy!

Beatles to release music on USB drive, vinyl

November 3, 2009

appleThe Beatles’ Apple Corps and EMI announced today that they would release all the group’s remastered stereo albums on a special, apple-shaped USB drive. Interesting move… wonder if people who passed on the CDs will be tempted to purchase this. The music will be saved as 24-bit files — higher quality than CD — as well as .MP3 files, which are actually lower quality than CD.

Also, according to Mojo, it appears the remastered music will be available on vinyl, too. Woohoo!

How Windows 7 will affect music production

September 30, 2009

Here’s a good analysis of Windows 7 and its appeal to anyone who uses a PC to do music production. It’s written by Cakewalk’s chief technical officer, Noel Borthwick, who was interviewed on the company’s blog.

See also this related post about how Cakewalk’s newly released Sonar 8.5 will benefit from a 64-bit environment.

Quick – and cheap -tips for better recording

September 24, 2009

Here’s a solid list of recording tips from Craig Anderton, noted author, recordist and all-around good guy who has some cool ideas about how to get the most out of your recordings.

Cakewalk gearing up to tackle the Mac market?

September 14, 2009


Here’s a seemingly inconsequential announcement from Cakewalk, the music software/hardware company. I’ve already written about the excellent new V-Studio 100 mobile production studio; now comes word that Cakewalk has released Mac drivers for it as well as the company’s new MIDI and audio interfaces.

Why is this worth mentioning?

Well, Cakewalk has been a PC-only company since its inception. Is this move a precursor to Cakewalk jumping into the Mac-compatible software market? If so, that sets up a battle of the titans among Cakewalk’s flagship Sonar, Pro Tools and Logic. As a Cakewalk loyalist, I know who I’m rooting for…..

Abbey Road engineer gives details about Beatles remasters

August 7, 2009

Here’s an interview of Abbey Road engineer Allan Rouse by Steve Marinucci. In the brief exchange, Rouse provides some clarity about the process of remastering the Beatles albums, work that will be released Sept. 9. For instance, he explains that remastering is not the same as remixing. Check it out.

Cakewalk expands studio hardware line

July 31, 2009

Having just reviewed Cakewalk’s excellent mobile studio, the VS-100, I’m happy to report that the software company is dramatically expanding its line of audio hardware with three new interfaces and a new line of powered studio monitors. Here is the announcement on Cakewalk’s blog.

Having been a loyal customer of the company’s recording software for more than a decade, I can’t wait to see what its collaboration with parent company Roland has yielded in terms of this new hardware. I’m betting they will be value leaders, like their other products.

The hypothetical, post-breakup Beatles album

July 29, 2009

john 1970george 1970

paul 1970 ringo 1970

Here’s one person’s take on what the next Beatles’ album would have been had the group not broken up in 1970, courtesy David L. Ulin via the UTNE reader website. Ulin’s track list for the hyothetical post-breakup album, which he calls Too Many People:


Imagine (John)
Crippled Inside (John)
It Don’t Come Easy (Ringo, cowritten with George)
Teddy Boy (Paul)
All Things Must Pass (George)
Another Day (Paul)


Too Many People (Paul)
Jealous Guy (John)
Gimme Some Truth (John)
Awaiting on You All (George)

Uncle Albert/Admiral Halsey (Paul)

Monkberry Moon Delight (Paul)

Ulin also comes up with three other post-Beatles Beatles albums.

Like Ulin, it’s a question I and some friends (notably composer/performer John T. McMullan of The Trend) have traded ideas on for many years. Of course, it’s impossible to really know what they would have come up with had they stayed together, as the Beatles influenced each other as they made their albums — even when they were quarrelling, as on the White Album and, most notoriously, Let it Be.

Thanks to Desiree Perry for pointing Ulin’s game out to me!