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What do you think of music in this video?

May 15, 2009

Ever met a musician who overplays? His fingers fly over the fretboard or keybard, but he never really stops for a breath. That’s because he’s never learned to use silence as a musical tool.

One very effective way to use music in video and other multimedia projects is to use its very absence. That is illustrated beautifully in Edmund Fountain and Catriona Stuart’s “For Their Own Good,” a project they did this year for the St. Petersburg Times/ (Disclosure: I’m a former colleague of both journalists).

It’s a moving story, wonderfully told. The spare, piano-based music is just right for the project. And just as the piece approaches its emotional climax, the music abruptly stops – focusing attention on the most moving moment.

You can see and hear the piece here.

Angela Grant over at News Videographer recently asked her viewers their thoughts on the way music was used in the project. You can see my comments, and hers, on her site. Check it out – it’s an interesting difference of opinion.