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Line 6 offers new blog series on home recording

November 5, 2010

Line 6 has started a blog series on home recording. Find part one, about computer recording, here; part two, on microphones, is here.

Line 6 is a well established company best known for its Pod series of guitar amp simulators and recording interfaces. It also produces the Variax line of modeled guitars. I have and use many Line 6 products, which I find offer incredible variety and quality for the money. You can hear Line 6 guitars, modeled amps and effects all over my music.

New iPhone app for Line 6 users

June 10, 2009

Yes, there’s an app for that…

line 6 iphoneWe all know about the explosion of applications for the iPhone. One new one caught my eye. You can now control your Line 6 Pod amp, amp modeler and Variax modeling guitar from your iPhone, using a new device Line 6 will manufacture and sell.

Line 6, the world leader in guitar amp modeling, is calling the device the MIDI Mobilizer.

If I understand it correctly, the device will work with the new iPhone app to allow users to control parameters of Line 6 amps, modelers and guitars remotely, using only the iPhone.

The announcement was timed to the much bigger announcement of the new iPhones. In this release from Line 6, company co-founder Marcus Ryle demonstrates how to change amp settings and even guitar tuning, all from an iPhone.

According to the release, Line 6 partnered with Planet Waves, which has designed the new app, called Rig Remote.

From the release:

“With the MIDI Mobilizer, the iPhone becomes the most portable and versatile editor and tone storage device for your Line 6 gear,” remarked Marcus Ryle, Line 6 co-founder and SVP of research and development, as he demonstrated a prototype this morning at Apple Inc.’s annual Worldwide Developers Conference. “Finding the perfect tone has never been easier.”

When used with Rig Remote, the forthcoming iPhone app from musical-instrument company Planet Waves, MIDI Mobilizer gives guitarists the freedom to control Line 6 Variax® digital modeling guitars and Vetta™ II digital modeling amplifiers.

Digital modeling technology, which was pioneered by Line 6, makes it “possible to put the sounds of hundreds of amps, guitars and effects into one system,” stated Ryle. Digital modeling “greatly simplifies the amount of gear needed for a guitarist to play a wide range of sounds.”

Line 6 Variax guitars accurately model the distinctive sounds of 25 celebrated instruments including electric and acoustic guitars, a banjo and even an electric sitar. Line 6 Vetta II amplifiers feature models of 80 guitar amplifiers, over 80 effects, and more. All models can be controlled with Rig Remote and adjusted in real-time via its realistic, amp-panel-inspired knobs.